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BAEDT Performance Guidelines

Our performance guidelines are here to provide a STANDARD OF PRACTICE for BAEDT members, so that it may serve as a benchmark of our achievements in our daily practice of equine dentistry.

Members will strive to successfully complete all dental procedures according to the following description whenever possible using their best judgment, skill and knowledge:

  • Dental procedures are to be carried out with the utmost humane consideration for the horse, with the intent to enhance their future health, comfort and well being
  • Every attempt should be made to avoid injury to the horse during dental procedures
  • Consulting with other EDT's and Veterinarians is desirable and is encouraged.
  • If unable to complete the necessary procedures, the owner should be informed of the need for further work
  • Members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner

Standards of Floating

  • Establish a treatment plan for each individual horse
  • Reduce sharp enamel points from cheek teeth to within normal limits
  • Reduce hooks and ramps to within normal limits
  • Address minor waves, overgrowths to within normal limits
  • Maintaining correct cheek tooth table angles
  • Maintaining of proper molar occlusion
  • Maintaining of proper lateral excursions
  • Maintaining of proper rostro-caudal functions of the mandible
  • Maintaining of proper incisor tooth angles

At the Completion of Floating

  • There should not be evidence of serious trauma due to routine floating
  • Inform the owner of recommended schedule for routine maintenance.

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