BAEDT Student Members 2020

Below is a current list of BAEDT Student members for 2020

Next to each of their names is the student members mentor.The role of a student mentor currently means that the mentor in question supports the student in terms of their training and advice. Their role does not offer any guarantee over the workmanship or conduct of the the student, but should any issues arise they are a good point of contact to discuss these if they cannot be resolved with the student directly. The mentors role is to oversee the development of these EDT's in their progression towards the BEVA/BVDA EDT examination. 
Those students without a mentor have been proposed and seconded by another in order to allow them to join as a student member, but are yet to secure a mentor. As an association we work hard to try and provide a mentor for all students but it is currently not mandatory to have one.

If you would like more information on becoming a student member please email Tanya Betts:

Student memberMentor Name
Lisa CassGrant Inglis
Laura FarmerChris Lee
Leah CunliffeDoiran Harwood
Aidan PatersonSimon Pratley
Zoe HarrisPete Ravenhill MRCVS
Katie ReadLee Gosden
Mike O'BrienMatt Moister
Hannah BreenAmy Morris
Ellie HumphreyBee Murray
Andrew WilliamsStephen Williams
Laura LargeChristina Lewis
Theresa ThornesAmy Morris
Lindsay JamesPete Ravenhill
Jack TrinderMat Carter
Bobby LeFeauxJonny Keen and Charlotte Bishop
Jayney OaklandCraig Griffiths
Emily ShepherdJess Tuner
Georgina CadenMartin Brookes
Josie SummersCurtis Thompson